A New Day Has Come

演唱:Celine Dion

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A New Day Has Come歌词 a new day...新的一天到来了
a new day...新的一天到来了
i was waiting for so long 我等待了这么长时间
for a miracle to come 期待奇迹的出现
everyone told me to be strong 每人都告诉我要坚强
hold on and don t shed a tear 坚持住不让泪水流下来
through the darkness and good times 穿越那些暗淡和美好的时光
i knew i d make it through 我知道我一定会安然无恙
and the world thought i had it all 世人以为我拥有了一切
but i was waiting for you 但是,我正在等待着你
hush, love 安静爱
i see a light in the sky 我看见一道光芒划过天际
oh, it s almost blinding me 如此耀眼几乎使我眩晕
i can t believe 我不敢相信
i ve been touched by an angel with love 天使已被我的爱感动而赐予我爱情
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