Sunny Came Home

演唱:Shawn Colvin

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Sunny Came Home歌词
Michelle Williams - We Break The Dawn (Part 2 featuring Flo Rida)
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Hey lil mama tell me would you like it if the rain (rain)
Came your way
I got a couple dollars I can throw you gon stay
I love the night life
Allergic to sun rays
That's when them apple bottoms come out and they get paid
Like uh, should stop, not
We in the club till the bus stop, stop
This how we does until it shut down, down
Shorty get your open love cause if you faint, I'mma tell them like
Oooh, Michelle tell them.
Ooo, there's something bout the skylight tonight
Something that makes me know everything's gon' be alright
There's something in the way that the stars are aligned
There's not a single moment I'mma pass by
The hour's now
The bass is loud
The disco lights
Shining through the crowd
We're holding time in our h

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