We Just Laugh About It

演唱:Lucky Twice

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We Just Laugh About It歌词
Emily Osment - Found Out About You
LRC:www.lrcgc.com 朱古力 制作
We were picture perfect,
Flawless on the surface.
We were walking on a straight line.
We were automatic.
You seemed so fanatic.
I was confident and wide-eyed.
Tough times watched us come
You found someone.
Tell me what I think about you.
And tell me if you think about me.
And tell me when you touch her,
Is it really love or just another fantasy?
And tell me does she make you laugh?
And tell me does she make you move?
And tell me does she get you?
Take away your breath?
Just tell me that it can't be true
What I found out about you.
It feels like a nightmare
To see your hands in her hair.
You seem happy ever after.
I'm stuck in denial.
I can't fake a smile.
You play innocent.
It's so damn hard.
So down
I want ba

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