Close to You

演唱:Jay Delano

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Close to You歌词
I just wanna be close to you
And do all the things you want me to
I just wanna be close to you
And show you the way I feel

Ok, I39;ve realised I39;m nothing without you,
Keeping you close to me is all i want to,
stick together like Fred and Stephy, when everyone was born
you were always with me

You nevel left me though you knew
there were times I39;ve been really good to you

You39;ll always be there only girl for me,
Casue you I39;m no longer lonely

You39;re precious like diaments and pearls,
ain39;t nobody like you, girl, haven39;t you heard,
That39;s the trouth , that I love you much,
I fall in love again, we39;ll be kiss and touch

I pray to God that love will never end,
though I do know you haven39;t saint

I39;ll be right there for you, your wish is I can
And I39;m the one on who you can depend

I just wanna be close to you
And do all the th

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