Love You Lately

演唱:Daniel Powter

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Love You Lately歌词
Daniel Powter - Love You Lately
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You packed your last two bags.
A taxi's 'round the bend.
You used to laugh out loud,
But you can't remember when.
You lost your lies.
It's like your moving out of time,
And the whole world crumbles right beneath you.
So, I might've made a few mistakes,
But that was back when you would smile,
And we would go everywhere,
But we ain't been there for awhile.
And this I know,
There's a place that we can go
A place where I can finally let you know.
'Cause I'm the one that loves you lately.
You and me, we got this great thing.
We're the only one's that around,
We're the only one's that around this Babylon.
I hope you find whatever you've been lookin' for.
Just remember where you're from and who you are,
'Cause there's a thousand lights th

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